Certification Program

WED is launching the WED Certification Program with a leading banking partner, where women-led or women-owned businesses and causes will be clearly identified, catalogued and supported through an international certification process. This initiative will have long-term effectiveness in elevating women entrepreneurs in support of their businesses on a strategic and localized level worldwide and the effects will be numerous and vast.

#ChooseWOMEN invites buyers globally to support women-owned businesses and social causes on the first Wednesday after Thanksgiving (Women Wednesday) every year– similar to Black Friday, Small Business Saturday and Cyber Monday. #ChooseWOMEN will be activated through the network of companies and causes that have been WED Certified.

To qualify, the only criteria your business needs to meet is that it’s 51% owned by a woman or has a female CEO in leadership.

The benefits of being identified as WED Certified are substantial! For participating businesses, non-profits, and social enterprises, the #ChooseWOMEN directory serves as an arena which allows your business to increase sales and loyalty, gain exposure and new customers, and empower women in business.

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